Join Stanislaus State’s competitive, sideline cheer and dance teams!

The role of each cheer member is to provide support to all university & intercollegiate athletic programs at Stanislaus State. Our primary responsibility is to support the athletic teams during their events. The program is seeking individuals who not only have advanced, collegiate level skills in cheer & dance, but also have great leadership qualities & academic focus. The demands of this program are extremely high. Successful candidates must balance practices three to five days a week, game coverage two to three times a week, community & campus appearances once a week, class schedules, school work, family, friends, and jobs. The priority for each member is academics, followed by the athletic commitment. Cheer members are expected to make the Cheer Program their next priority, even over a job.

Along with embarking on the path to develop one of the most exciting and innovative cheerleading programs, Stanislaus State prides itself on academic excellence. We are looking for positive and dedicated individuals, who have the ability to stay poised under pressure. As a cheerleader at Stanislaus State, you become an ambassador for the school, for the city of Turlock, and Northern California. Because of this, we need people who will represent our program positively in all aspects.

Please review the Stan State Cheer Policies and Procedures manual for 2018-19 prior to tryout

Cheer Team Tryouts

Please contact coach Mike DeGuzman if you are interested in joining the team!



Important Dates & Deadlines
Sept. 22, 2018 | 9 a.m. – Noon – Tryout Clinic
Sept. 23, 2018 | 1 – 4 p.m.  – Interviews & Tryout Auditions

  Download and read the Warrior Cheer Team Tryout Information Packet (.pdf)
  Pre-register for tryouts by filling out this form
 Attend the Tryout Clinic on Sept. 22 (make sure to complete and bring with you pages 11-13 from the packet & bring a signed copy of Tryout Waiver Form)
 Attend the Tryout Interview (newcomers only) prior to Tryout Evaluations on Sept. 23

We recommend that you tryout in person!

There is definitely an advantage to trying out in person. Trying out in person will show that you are committed to attending the university. You will be paired/grouped up with our returners while showing your abilities. As one of the most prominent benefits, in-person tryouts give you a chance to meet and interact with the coach and team members of the current team.

Each tryout candidate will be notified either in person, by phone, mail, or e-mail as to their tryout results shortly after the actual tryout process.

RETURNERS: You will be expected to perform at a higher standard than other candidates, because you have been a part of the Warrior Cheer Program for at least one year. In addition to standard tryout requirements, you will also be judged on attitude, work ethic, integrity and character that you displayed over the course of the year by the head coach.